Announcing the
Space Futures Initiative

Our Mission

Our mission is to conduct research, education, and outreach to improve the longterm future in outer space for humanity and its descendants.


Within the past sixty years, nations and private organizations have seen great advancements and milestones in space exploration and spacefaring technology. Space is used for a variety of purposes including navigation, communication, and surveillance.

However, human exploration of the cosmos is just getting started. Governments are developing new technologies to use space-based systems to improve national security. Private sector individuals are pursuing space-based energy systems, mining, settlement and more. Scientists are making great strides in exploring the vast universe.

With rapid advancements and countless possibilities, the implications of how humanity approaches the development of space technology are far-reaching. First, space exploration and settlement could safeguard humanity in the long-term future. Second, space is a shared commons which forces us to reconsider global governance structures and political systems. Third, space has the potential to drastically alter the flow of information and economic benefits.

Space governance is a broad area which encompasses contemporary issues in space regulation and long-term questions spanning the fields of law, politics, philosophy, astronomy, engineering, and more.

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