Madeleine Chang

Madeleine Chang is a satellite software engineer at Lockheed Martin Space. She earned her Masters of Engineering Management at Cornell University, where she majored in Astronomy and Computer Science as an undergraduate. She publishes Type-3 Telemetry, a space governance comic blog started at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University. In the past, Madeleine has worked in liquidity risk management at Goldman Sachs and galaxy evolution research at the American Museum of Natural History. She loves giving presentations and learning about international law, economics, and military history.

Carson Ezell

Carson Ezell is an undergraduate at Harvard College. He has been a research fellow with the Cambridge Existential Risk Initiative and Center for Space Governance. He is also a member of the research team of the Galileo Project. He previously co-founded Jinso to provide remote research opportunities to high school students. He is also a member of the Harvard Effective Altruism Student Group.

Olaf Willner

Olaf Willner is an undergraduate at Cornell University studying towards a double major in Computer Science and Government. He is a research fellow at the Cornell Tech Policy Lab, was a scholar at the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs, and was a research intern at Microsoft Research Cambridge. He has also worked in private equity and consulting.